Curating The Under Reported News 

Yet another use for curation:  reporting the under reported news. Sometimes it’s easy to think that since there are massive news curation sites like HuffPo on the web, everything newsworthy is being covered.  They have a huge writing staff and aggregate content from everywhere. The fact is, lots of news is left on the cutting […]

Steve Rosenbaum TED Talk: Innovate – Curation! 

The founder of and master information curator Steve Rosenbaum, breaks down the importance and role of curation. This is a pretty important video for understanding how we harness and interact with information.  There’s probably no better argument for curation than this talk.

NeVC 2011: Steven Rosenbaum Free Webinar 

This will be something to watch on Wednesday – don’t miss it! “Curate The Cloud. How Too Much Information Puts Humans Back In Charge” Steven Rosenbaum  is the author of Curation Nation an exploration of the emerging phenomenon of human organization and publishing of content. He is also the founder of and the creator of MTV News […]

Saving Time and Keeping Quality: the Content Marketer’s Holy Grail. 

As a blogging coach, I’m hyper-focused on helping clients put out great, regular content in the easiest ways possible.  Time is either your enemy or your friend in content marketing, whether you run a news site, a personal blog, or a business/corporate blog. A publisher’s ability to put up content that excites readers is will […]

The Curated Guide To Google+ 

Google+ has hit 50 million users in 88 days, according to Paul Allen in a recent G+ update. Now that there are so many “newbies” flowing into the G+ world, all those guides everyone did in the early days become even more useful. Below are some exemplary Google Plus guides and tips from around the […]

Cleaning Up Your Readers’ Lives With Curation 

There’s nothing more satisfying in the office than sitting down to clean off your desk.  Well, the sitting down to do it part isn’t always fun, but the end result is! Everyone has a different system of organization, but the sort-and-pile method runs through any good system. Picture your desk in disaster mode: bills, statements, […]

Hand-Picked Content Is Marketing Gold 

As people get used to the new Facebook “newspaper” angle (“we want to be your personal newspaper”), the masses are going to get a taste of what content marketers have been onto for quite awhile. News aggregators are fine tools for personal curation and research.  Some are better than others.  And no one really knows […]

Here’s Why The Web Is So Messy… 

Just look at what is done on the web every 60 seconds! (Click graphic for a larger view) Now, when you think about how often you don’t find exactly what you’re looking for in searches, or from your friends and peers on your social networks, you know why.  If bloggers post 1500+ blog posts per […]

Twitter Curating the NFL 

Now this is interesting. Twitter just announced they setup curated accounts for each NFL team. We’ve also made it easy to discover new football-related information with Twitter accounts for each team in the NFL. These accounts automatically select and retweet the top Tweets from official team accounts, coaches, players, owners and local media — bringing […]

Curating The News 

As “curation” picks up steam in search and on blogs across the web as a very popular topic, I thought I’d fire up CurationSoft and see what the term “curating the news” would bring up. Below you will find the best of what I found with this amazing software.  If I can deliver you the […]