10 Killer Content Curation Resources 

10 Killer Content Curation Resources When you do it well, content curation can be a great way to help you build a following, show your expertise, or even manage a reputation. Curation, particularly content creation, can be a huge undertaking. There is a lot of content out there—sorting through it all to find out what […]

What Makes Content Curation Valuable? 

Content curation is described as the process of sorting throughout the various contents available on the web. These contents are presented in a meaningful as well as organized way basing on a specific theme. Basically, the work would involve sifting, arranging, sorting, and eventually, publishing the information. The content curator will pick the best contents, […]

10 Biggest And Best Sites Using The Content Curation Model 

The irony of the web world today opening its doors to almost everyone who has something to say is – we’re fast running out of new things to say. With so much great content out there, how do you top that? How can a marketing website make it to the upper echelons of the snooty […]

Curation News From Experts Who Know 

As curation continues its upward climb in blogger and news room attention, more and more great stuff is coming out about how curation is done and how to incorporate it into any content marketing plan. Below are some of the best, recent resources from two thought leaders in curation: Robin Good and Beth Canter. Honest, […]

The Web’s Largest Employer: You! 

I employ tens of thousands of people each year to keep me informed and entertained. Who am I? You. Me. Everyone who uses the web. Collectively, we employ gazillions of content creators and curators to keep our brains fat and happy with all sorts of data. There are job openings for anyone who likes to […]

Curation Contest – Win an iPad or Kindle Fire 

Do you like sharing great stuff with your followers on social networks or on your blog? Here’s your chance to to get a little credit for all the digging and linking you do for friends and followers!  One of the guys behind this contest is Marty Smith, who is on a mission to educate everyone […]

New Year’s Resolution For Many: Going On An Information Diet 

In his review of “The Information Diet,” by Clay Johnson, David Eaves examines the pain and suffering that too much junk information can cause.  And how he, as a “knowledge worker,” should be very good at managing information.  But he has the same problem that all of us face.  Being on a diet sucks. “What […]

Marty Smith Is On A Mission 

Martin Smith has made the most impassioned case for curation I’ve seen to date.  While most experts talk about the topic of curation in an almost clinical sense, this guy is… well, freakin’ excited about it! “I’ve seen tornadoes roar up on dusty Texas plains. I’ve run from a black storm’s vengeance, furry and terror. […]

Jack interviewed on Relationship Marketing 101 today… 

This was a fun interview.  Gina and Ronda do a really great job on their Blog Talk Radio show every week and I was honored to be their guest today. We talked about the basics of curation along with some cool tips on how to be a great curator.  It’s worth a listen even if […]

The Internet Is Full [Infographic] 

We’ve been talking a lot about how messy the web has become in recent years.  And it’s only getting messier.  So much so that simple words will not suffice to describe just how much content is created and uploaded to the internet every minute of the day. We created this infographic to depict how “full” the […]