How to avoid costly mistakes in content curation 


  Digital marketing strategy calls for publishing rich content consistently.  There is only so much original content that you can generate to influence your customers. In fact, when you try to create more original content under time pressure – i.e. to meet the deadlines you imposed on yourself – your content quality goes down drastically. […]

How to Speed up your Content Curation Process with CurationSoft Tool 

CurationSoft is a complete search, authoring and publishing tool. To speed up your content curation process with CurationSoft, you must leverage ALL three components of the software. 1. Searching and Curating. Ensure your focus keyword is appropriately tweaked and finalized.  Input that into the CurationSoft search box and check out each of the sources for […]

How to Create Effective Content with Content Curation Tool 

The following are six case studies on effective content curation using CurationSoft. CurationSoft enables users to deploy the software to provide interesting, refreshing and relevant content to their readers. 1. Johan Oosthuizen has a great site on bench press (fitness) and the following post is a great example of curation. In this post he curates […]

The Do’s and Don’ts of Content Curation 

To provide fresh and quality content, many blog owners use content curation. To acquire the best results from utilizing content curation marketing, it’s important to know how to use it, and also what to avoid. Do’s; a. Have a focus topic on what you want to write about. b. Ensure this is in line with […]

Five effective techniques to generate refreshing content 

Content is the lifeblood of any blog and 9 out of 10 bloggers cite “generate content ideas” as their biggest problem. You can only generate so much original content.  Perhaps the one name that comes to mind as far as original content goes, is Seth Godin. But unlike the average blogger, who strives for the […]

Content curation is the cornerstone of your local community website 

This guest post is by Norman Morrison of, a local community website. Content curation is the cornerstone of your local community website. A community website, besides business advertising pages hosts a collection of interesting local articles. These articles add SEO juice in the eyes of Google and value in the eyes of the community. For the owner/webmaster/ content editor this […]

10 Killer Content Curation Resources 

10 Killer Content Curation Resources When you do it well, content curation can be a great way to help you build a following, show your expertise, or even manage a reputation. Curation, particularly content creation, can be a huge undertaking. There is a lot of content out there—sorting through it all to find out what […]

What Makes Content Curation Valuable? 

Content curation is described as the process of sorting throughout the various contents available on the web. These contents are presented in a meaningful as well as organized way basing on a specific theme. Basically, the work would involve sifting, arranging, sorting, and eventually, publishing the information. The content curator will pick the best contents, […]

The Psychology Behind Curation: Why We Love to Read Curated Content 

The practice of collecting is ingrained in human culture, and can be found in every era, religion and continent around the world. From stamps and oil paintings to taxidermy and teaspoons, collecting and displaying possessions shows that we still like to hunt and gather that missing piece, just like our ancestors. Now that our world […]

Content Curation Strategies for 2013 – by Tony Evans 

Content is everywhere online. Type in any word into the Google search box and you’ll get results. But with so much information available online, how can one manage what’s out there and create something that works best for your marketing needs? The answer lies in good content curation. This is a process of taking in that third […]