Do You Despise Writing? 

The truth is, writing is not for everybody. There could be a lot of reasons why one would despise writing. Whether it be too time consuming, too much work, a writer’s block or any reasons at all, the fact still remains the same, a good website needs quality contents. Therefore, as an internet marketer, you […]

Curation News From Experts Who Know 

As curation continues its upward climb in blogger and news room attention, more and more great stuff is coming out about how curation is done and how to incorporate it into any content marketing plan. Below are some of the best, recent resources from two thought leaders in curation: Robin Good and Beth Canter. Honest, […]

What makes a good curator? 

This video by Percolate is really quite good.  Curation is very serious business.  You won’t find dime store internet marketers doing it well.  Or even properly.  Don’t let the spammy techniques that some are passing off as curation color your view of just how powerful a good curator can become on the web… Download “Curation […]

CurationSoft and Pinterest 

Here’s a great case study on how Tom Treanor, from Right Mix Marketing, uses CurationSoft to help him curate great content onto his Pinterest board. My Secret Weapon for Pinterest Content Curation “I’ve been a user and affiliate of CurationSoft for a while now. I’ve used it mainly for writing curated blog posts (with it’s content discovery […]

The Web’s Largest Employer: You! 

I employ tens of thousands of people each year to keep me informed and entertained. Who am I? You. Me. Everyone who uses the web. Collectively, we employ gazillions of content creators and curators to keep our brains fat and happy with all sorts of data. There are job openings for anyone who likes to […]

Curation Contest – Win an iPad or Kindle Fire 

Do you like sharing great stuff with your followers on social networks or on your blog? Here’s your chance to to get a little credit for all the digging and linking you do for friends and followers!  One of the guys behind this contest is Marty Smith, who is on a mission to educate everyone […]

CurationSoft Review With Results 

We stumbled upon a fantastic review of CurationSoft with results posted that demonstrate what this incredible software can do for your traffic. Anyway, the reason I’m telling you Kate’s traffic success is because I’m personally amazed at the huge traffic increase it’s given her. I thought it might help a bit, but in a month […]

Why Social Marketing Is So Important To SEO 

The more people you have in your social circles, the more people are exposed to your pages in search. You’ve likely seen the changes in Google’s SERPS over the last several months as they’ve adopted and adapted to social media signals and networks of friends.  In searches you can see how friends in your network […]

Update to CurationSoft version 1.1.4 

New Feature: Support for old-school Atom Feeds. This addition allows you to use your Google Alerts in the RSS feed section of CurationSoft Drag & Drop Confusion: We’ve noticed that more and more support tickets are coming in with drag and drop issues. It’s not that the feature is broken but it needs to work […]

New Year’s Resolution For Many: Going On An Information Diet 

In his review of “The Information Diet,” by Clay Johnson, David Eaves examines the pain and suffering that too much junk information can cause.  And how he, as a “knowledge worker,” should be very good at managing information.  But he has the same problem that all of us face.  Being on a diet sucks. “What […]