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Saves me time and therefore money.  Provides quick and easy  way of putting together content for prospect and customer  education.  Reduces workload for research, article and  report writing.  Enabled me to outsource work to people  with no subject matter expertise.I use multiple strategies  for driving traffic and SEO, impossible for me to say what  impact just the software had.Curationsoft has only been used  as a supporting tool for curating content not for direct  revenue generation.  Saved me a few hours per month  – maybe 2 hours per week. I use it to collect content for  use in educating prospects and customers – I will share  info curated via social media and blogs to keep my name  top of mind.  Also used software for researching content  that I could adapt for articles/reports. The biggest thing was I could outsource research and  customer education to a virtual assistant in Philippines  saving me a couple of hours per week.

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