5 Crucial Steps To Creating Valuable Curated Content

Writing curated content is way of providing good value by using existing articles on the internet. Let us understand what curated content is all about and how to write a curated article or blog post.

Why curated content?

Whether it is about remedies for common ailments or the features of the latest smartphone, most people depend on the internet for information. There are a lot of articles on the internet about any subject. Often these articles contradict each other, are biased or motivated. It takes considerable research to find good authoritative articles and then make an intelligent decision about what information to rely on and what to discard. Many people don’t have the time or patience to do this.

Curated articles or blog posts provide snippets from authoritative and reliable content on a platter with commentary about how those articles add up to valuable information on the subject along with the author’s opinions.

Readers are happy to use curated content from a website they trust because it cuts short the research they have to do on the subject. The original content providers are happy because they get an incoming link which helps elevate the ranking of their web pages.

Essential ingredients for writing a curated article:

1 – You need a collection of high quality content from trustworthy sources.

2 – A catchy headline that attracts reader attention and indicates what the article or post is about with any necessary SEO considerations like including the keyword that is being targeted.

3 – A commentary about each snippet of content that you include and how it relates to the topic and other content that you are including.

4 – Some nice pictures and if appropriate and possible some video links.

Step 1 – Selecting the topic and doing the research:

Once you have decided what to write about, the next part is doing the research. The heart of a curated article is high quality content for which good research is essential. Remember this is one important value addition that you are offering apart from your views.

Writing a poorly researched article or post will make your article weak, uninteresting and non-trustworthy. The viewers will quickly leave the page and the purpose will be defeated. So get this part right. Collect information from other sources and make notes as you go so that you can fit that piece of information well into your post. Curation tools like Curationsoft will help you with both the research as well as the note taking.

Step 2 – Plan your article or blog post:

All skilled writers plan how they are going to lay out the article for their readers. It is important to use your article writing skills here so that the post flows nicely and does not look like a collection of random information. You will need all the usual things – an introduction, logically arranged pieces of information each one leading to the next and a conclusion.

Step 3 – Fitting the content into your article:

This is where curation tools like Curationsoft will be of valuable help. If you are using Curationsoft you can simply drag pieces of content that you have collected to the right places. Your notes will help you fit those pieces of content together.

Step 4 – Giving credit to the original author:

Giving credit to the original author for any content that you use is not just an issue of being within the copyright laws. It is your way of showing your appreciation and it also speaks about your honesty to your readers. For articles, usually a link to the original article will suffice, but in some cases you may need to seek permission. For images it is best to check the copyright notice of the original source. Publishing images with acknowledgement and links may not be enough for some media companies, especially the larger ones.

Step 5 – Giving your own opinions and recommendations:

Your opinion is the other important value addition that you are doing apart from good research. It is the soul of your article or post. This is what differentiates your post from an organized collection of well researched information.

If you consistently give reliable advice, the reader will notice and appreciate this and it will contribute to the authority and popularity of your website or blog. It will also encourage the users to share the site and articles with others.

Curated articles are a great way of creating high quality valuable content from information that already exists in the public domain. It is an ethical method of creating content and if done properly will benefit the readers and win the attention of search engines. Apart from knowing how to write a curated article or blog post, curation tools such as Curationsoft will cut short the time required to write the article.

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