10 Killer Content Curation Resources

10 Killer Content Curation Resources

When you do it well, content curation can be a great way to help you build a following, show your expertise, or even manage a reputation. Curation, particularly content creation, can be a huge undertaking. There is a lot of content out there—sorting through it all to find out what you need is a huge job, which is why using the following resources is a good idea.

1. Google

It’s the best search engine out there; use it to your advantage!

2. Social Networking

Searching communities on LinkedIn and Facebook as well as for hashtags on Twitter can help you find all sorts of great content you might not have found otherwise.

3. Storify

Helps you search through a variety of resources and put together your story at the same time. You can drag and drop pieces where you need them to help you make sure your story is told as effectively as possible. Each piece becomes part of a larger whole.

4. Scoop.it

Allows you to curate from a variety of sources and publish your chosen materials in a variety of different formats. The free package only allows you a single export each month. If you want to do more than that, plans start at $13 per month.

5. BagtheWeb

You create a “bag” based on a topic and then collect the content you curate from the web on that topic in that bag; then you can send it out to your audience. You can create multiple bags for multiple topics.

6. Pinterest

Often considered a social media portal, Pinterest helps users passively curate material that they find on the web on to different “boards,” which their followers can view. You can also search through other people’s boards to find the information and materials you need.

7. Pearltrees

If you like creating visual representations of the materials you’ve curated, this is the resource you should use. The account is free to set up.

8. Mashable

A curated content portal—search for what you need and then look at everything Mashable has amassed on the subject. It’s a great way to find materials to include in your presentation.

The closer you look, the prettier the picture—that’s how curation works!

9. Delicious

Once a humble social bookmarking site, Delicious is now a powerful curation tool. Now you can use the site to create “stacks” of bookmarks for each curation topic.

10. Your own stuff

You never know when something you’ve already done is going to hselp you do something else!

Curation doesn’t have to be difficult—if you have the right tools. What are some of your favorite curation resources to use?

Erin Steiner creates and curates text and video based web content from her “home base” in Portland, Oregon. She has written extensively about Reputation.com and other small business related topics.

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